Federal IndustriesA leader in UN package design and testing, Federal Industries produces CHEM-TRAN® and VISA-PAX™ shipping systems to safely carry hazardous chemicals throughout the world.http://www.chem-tran.com/images/federal-industries-logo.png1945763-476-1500800-523-9033

Federal Industries - Making a Federal Case Since 1945

Federal Industries Corporation sold its first brown box in 1945. Since its inception, we have provided innovative design and manufacturing of packaging products for industry.

More About Us
UN Packaging Products from Federal Industries

We Manufacture / Supply

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • UN Certified 4GV & 4G Shipping Containers
  • Metal Paint Cans
  • Safety Coated Glass Bottles
  • Plastic Containers
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Vermiculite

We Distribute

  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene® Bottles
  • Com-Pac International Medical Shipping Products
  • Enco Industries Hazardous Waste Shipping Systems
  • Vonco Products 95 kpa Compliant Bags
  • Simport Scientific Laboratory Products

Testing & Certification

All Packs Tested & UN Certified Per IATA, ICOA, HM-181, and DOT Special Packs Designed For Air, Land, & Sea.

All UN compliance testing and certification performed by Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratory, Wheeling, Illinois.