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Vermiculite Packing Material

Vermiculite is the name given to a group of naturally occurring hydrated laminar minerals similar to mica. When processed in special furnaces, the mineral exfoliates (or expands) into the accordion-like layered particles.

Vermiculite cushion and absorbent material is used for shipping many hazardous liquids. It is non-flammable and does not emit fumes or odors.

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring, completely inert mineral with superior resistance to problems that occur in other forms of packaging materials.

Course grade vermiculite is lightweight and absorbs approximately 1 gallon of water* per cubic foot of material. It is the best absorbent material available for multi-purpose shipping and packaging.

  • Lightweight, clean, and non-abrasive
  • Pourable – Free flowing for quick, easy cover coverage
  • Naturally absorbent material – Ideal for packaging of liquid products. Safely retains leaks from packed materials such as hazardous chemicals
  • Provides excellent baffle against impact shock and improper handling
  • Fireproof – Will not burn
  • Permanent – Absolutely no decay or breakdown
  • Environmental – Contains no man-made fibers

*Absorption volume may vary for different liquids

Stock NoSize
VS-4000 – course4-cubic foot bags

Material Safety Data Sheet Available Upon Request