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DOT and International Shipping Labels & Placards


Image of UN Shipping DOT and International Shipping Labels and Placards

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DOT and International Shipping Labels & Placards

Hazardous class labels are required per 49 CFR 172.407. All DOT labels measure 100 mm x 100 mm and are in accord with ICAO, IATA and IMDG and are needed for domestic and international shipments. Our labels are in compliance with specifications set forth in 49 CFR parts 172.407 through 172.450.

*Packaged in rolls of 500

Our most popular labels are listed below. If you need a label not on this list, let us know - we have any label you require.

Stock NoSize (Inches)Label Description
HML 4044 x 4Flammable Gas
HML 4054 x 4Non-Flammable Gas
HML 4064 x 4Flammable Liquid
HML 4074 x 4Flammable Solid
HML 4094 x 4Dangerous When Wet
HML 4104 x 4Oxidizer
HML 4154 x 4Inhalation Hazard
HML 4394 x 4Infectious Substance
HML 4424 x 4Toxic
HML 4194 x 4Corrosive
HML 4314 x 4Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
HML 4234 5/16 x 4 ¾Danger (loading illustration)
IATA 405R3 x 4 ¼Up arrows red
IATA 405B3 x 4 ¼Up arrows black
IATA 4432 ½ x 4Inner packages comply
IATA 2032 x 2Air Eligible
INF 9850 Dry Ice Super Label

Need an item not listed – we have any label or placard you may require – Please call 1-800-523-9033 or email to request a quote on any label or placard.