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Absorbent Pads


Image of Yellow, White and Green Absorbent Pads for UN Packaging

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Absorbent Pads

Great for marine or land based spills. Excellent for industrial plans, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, municipal spill response or anywhere liquid, chemical or oil spills occur.


  • Most reusable
    the only reusable sorbents, which are wringable, spinnable and washable.
  • Strongest
    non-tearing and non-shredding. Fibre-lock/needlepunch construction guarantees greatest durability for toughest jobs.
  • Most absorbent
    picks up significantly more oil than melt-blown
    sorbents. The only sorbents that absorb no. 6
    (Bunker C) oil. Absorb up to 25 times their own weight.
  • Fastest Working
    highest rate of absorption for quickest spill pickup.
  • Most economical
    save money on expensive waste removal costs by reusing AEF absorbents.

Part No.SizePackaging
A-10018’’ X 18’’ double wgt.100 pads


Fine Fiber Sorbents

Fine Fiber outer cover stocks are ultrasonically welded over a high loft meltblown core. Providing pads and rolls that are absorbent and durable. Pads are perforated for easy and exact use.

Part no.DescriptionQty/Bale
A-100/Y16"x20" Green Universal Med Wt Fine Fiber Pads100