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CHEM-TRAN® Gallon Round Plastic Jug Shipping System


Image of a Chem-Tran Gallon Round Plastic Jug Shipping System


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CHEM-TRAN® Gallon Round Plastic Jug Shipping System

Large capacity shipping system designed to safely transport Group II or III medium danger hazardous materials, ground only.

Each packaging unit includes:

  • 4G box (assembly creates divider cells
  • 130 Gram weight gallon natural round plastic jugs
  • Tape to secure bottle closure
  • Box closure tape
  • Packing Instruction
  • 38mm vented or non-vented closure


Maximum mass weight of contents and packaging

  • 4 gallons: 49 lbs. (22.5 kg)

Weight of CHEM-TRAN® outer and inner packaging

  • 4-1 gallon: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) for liquids

Specific gravity not to exceed 1.4 (var. 4)
Tested to 100 kpa


Stock NoJug CapacityUN CertificationPacking Group
4-RPB-1280/BW4-1 gallon
4G/Y22.5/SII or III
4-RPB-1280/NAT4-1 gallon
4G/Y22.5/SII or III


UN Certified Closures for RPB-1280 Plastic Jugs


Stock NoDescription
RPB-1280/NV38mm Non-vented Closure
RPB-1280/V38mm Vented Closure/
Circumvent 4 Foam