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HazPack™ Hazardous Waste Super Pack


Image of HazPack Hazardous Waste Super Pack from Federal Industries

Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 36” regular style container

Capacity: 1500 lbs.

Color: Brown

Liner: 6 mil black polyethylene liner and wire tie

Assembly: One outer bottom box flap nails to wooden pallet

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HazPack™ Hazardous Waste Super Pack

HazPack™ corrugated waste containers are the answer to the complex problems of solid hazardous waste disposal. Our Hazmat Packaging materials cut handling time, reduce inventory, slash disposal costs and time, and completely eliminate the need to recondition drums.

HazPack’s™ efficient one-cubic yard capacity is equal to four 55-gallon drums. So you buy 75% fewer containers, store 75% fewer containers, handle 75% fewer containers – and still manage the same amount of solid waste. HazPack™ stores flat, and sets up in minutes making them the most user friendly Hazmat Packaging materials. Because it burns completely or can be landfilled, there’s no contaminated drum to deal with. In fact, HazPack™ has set the standard for corrugated hazardous waste containers. These Hazmat Boxes stack two high when full.

Each packaging unit includes:

  • 4G box
  • 6 mil polyethylene liner/wire tie
  • Nails to secure box to pallet


Stock NoUN Certification
HazPack™ 311G/Y04-11/USA