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Stretch Film


Image of 80 Gauge Stretch Film for protecting pallet loads during shipping.

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80 Gauge Stretch Film

  • Protect your pallet loads in the warehouse and during transit. It offers superb tear strength, greater consistent stretch, and excellent barrier properties.
  • Benefit from lower film use, lower cost, and superior protection from damage, moisture, and contamination of products
  • Puncture and tear resistant.
  • Excellent cling provides great stabilization of loads.
  • Works well in temperatures down to -5° F.


3’’ Hand Wrap Dispenser

  • Dispenser holds 3’’ roll of Mini-Wrap


Stock No.DescriptionGaugeColor
SF-1818” X 1500’80Clear
SF-18/B18” X 1500’80Black
SF-18/9018” x 1500’90Clear
SF-310003” x 1000’8Clear