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CooLiner® Insulated Shipping Bags


Image of CooLiner® Insulated Shipping Bags With Exclusive Reflective Material that Provides the Perfect Combination of Heat Reflection and Mass.

CooLiner® Insulated Shipping Bags

CooLiner® utilizes exclusive reflective materials, not available to others in the industry, that provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and mass. Similar materials, when presented with a higher relative thickness, do not necessarily provide the best heat resistance. Light (low thermal mass) and highly reflective materials can provide better heat resistance. This critical combination has a large net-effect on the performance of heat resistors like CooLiner®.

This foil reflective layer in CooLiner® effectively blocks radiating heat from the environment, even after it has entered thru the walls of a carton. This foil layer is even more effective when exposed to open air, as when it is used as a pallet cover.

The air bubble layer provides conductive insulation, that when combined with the unique reflective layer, further enhances the insulation characteristics of CooLiner®.

  • CooLiner is a simple, easy to use insulation bag, made to fit any size carton.
  • It is recommended for protecting carton sized shipments lasting 24 hours or less, at refrigerated temperatures.
  • CooLiner® folds compactly and is therefore easy to transport and warehouse.
  • Flexible, high performance insulated liner for use inside six sided carton.
  • Can be formed into rolls, pouches, box liners and freight covers
  • Non-toxic, Re-useable
  • Made of 100% sustainable thermoplastic materials
  • Suitable for helping maintain refrigerated temperatures for foods and pharmaceutical products

*CooLiner® is a trademark of Insulated Products Corporation

Stock No.For Box Size
IS-17.5*13.5*1017-1/2 X 13-1/2 X 10
IS-17.5*13.5*1617-1/2 X 13-1/2 X 16

Other sizes are available – please request a quote.