Federal Industries1945

Bubble Pouch Mailers


Image of Bubble Pouch Mailers with Air-Bubble Liner for Full Protection and Cost Savings.
  • Air-bubble liner provides full protection and cost savings
  • Self-seal flap and pre-printed address areas save time

Stock NumberSizePouch Number
JBSS0004’’ X 8’’000
JBSS005’’ X 10’’00
JBSS06’’ X 10’’0
JBSS17-1/4’’ X 12’’1
JBSS28-1/2’’ X 12’’2
JBSS38-1/2’’ X 14-1/2’’3
JBSS49-1/2’’ X 14-1/2’’4
JBSS510-1/2’’ X 16’’5
JBSS612-1/2’’ X 16’’6
JBSS714-1/4’’ X 20’’7