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Image of Quality NALGENE® Packaging Products Distributed by Feredal Industries.

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We are a full-line distributor of NALGENE® packaging products

NALGENE® quality is built into every product we manufacture. Every bottle and carboy manufactured, every resin selected, every quality test performed ensures the highest quality performance available in today’s laboratory setting.


NALGENE® bottles and closures are engineered to work together. They are guaranteed leak-proof because we make and test both components as a system. Most NALGENE® closures have no liner that can wear, crease, leak, cause contamination or fall out. The result; your ultimate protection for handling valuable or sensitive materials.

Superior Quality

NALGENE® plastic containers are designed and manufactured for tough applications under rigorous laboratory conditions. Use them when you cannot afford the risks of glass or commodity plastic containers—risks such as leakage, breakage or contamination from undisclosed additives.

Stringent Inspection and Testing Ensures Quality and Reliability

To ensure their quality and reliability, NALGENE® containers and closures are inspected and performance-tested from design and development through all stages of manufacturing. In addition to compliance with applicable U.S. and international product standards, we insist that our containers meet our own requirements to achieve the level of excellence that our customers expect.

We purchase only top-quality premium-grade resins for our containers. We test incoming resins for acceptability and consistency so that we can provide you with a quality product. Our bottle and carboy products contain no fillers, extenders or plasticizers. We offer a leakproof closure system and test this as part of our routine inspection. Consistent wall thickness is important. Containers are inspected during production to ensure compliance with wall thickness specifications. This means you purchase a container that is always strong and durable.

Bottle Specifications

A complete listing of all NALGENE® products is available using the following link:

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