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VonSeal® 95kPa Compliant Bags


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VonSeal® 95kPa Compliant Bags

This liquid-tight bag is designed to withstand, without leakage, an internal pressure which produces a pressure differential of not less than 95kPa. The permanent adhesive closure withstands a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to +55 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit up to +130 degrees Fahrenheit). Made of a 4-layer custom film structure that featuring a strong adhesive closure and continuous seal, ideal for critical liquid and substance containment. Passed tests as outlined in 173.196(f) of the DOT’s Title 49 CFR.

When closed properly, a VonSeal bag full of liquid will withstand 80 pounds of distributed surface loading without leaking. VonSeal’s patented adhesive closure and continuous seal make it the bag of choice when liquid containment is critical. An approved secondary shipping container, it meets or exceeds the standards of major air carriers, as well as those of NIDA, NCCLS and the DOT.

Prevents Contamination of Pneumatic Delivery Systems

VonSeal is now in use in many major medical centers as a secondary container to prevent leakage within pneumatic tubes.

Tamper Evident

With the increasing demand for reliable substance abuse testing, VonSeal provides secur4 which is critical to the chain-of-custody process. Attempts at tampering are immediately evident thanks to VonSeal’s aggressive adhesive seal. There is a tear notch, however, for quick access by authorized personnel.

Prevents Paperwork Contamination

A messy and potentially hazardous problem is solved by the VonSeal liquid tight bag. An optional resealable requisition pouch keeps paperwork dry and accessible during specimen transpose

Increases Worker Safety

Its adhesive closure and wide seal polyethylene construction help protect health care workers from hazardous infections such as AIDS and hepatitis B. With this added security, laboratory personnel will feel more confident about specimen handling.

VonSeal® Liquid Tight Specimen Transport Bags

Stock #StyleSizeUsable Area of BagPackaging
IS-950995 KPA Compliant7” X 11.625”4 7/8” x 9 ¼”700/case
IS-951295 KPA Compliant10.125” X 14.5”9” x 12”300case
IS-951495 KPA Compliant10.125” X 18.5”10 ¼” x 14”250/case
IS-951895 KPA Compliant11.375” X 16.25”9” x 16”250/case
IS-952195 KPA Compliant14.5” X 21”13” x 18”200/case

Miscellaneous Bag Information

  • Liquid tight specimen bags are 2.0 MIL, LDPE
  • 95 KPA compliant bags are specially blended and proprietary film structure

All bags utilize a one-time use, 100% liquid time and tamper evident tape closure