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CRYOVIAL® Polypropylene Tubes and Workstation Racks


Image of CRYOVIAL® Polypropylene Tubes with Multi-Colored Tops.

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The vial tube is constructed of specially formulated polypropylene that is certified Rnase-free, Dnase-free, pyrogen-free and DNA-free. They are sterilized by gamma radiation and are packed in a tamper-proof, resealabel safety-lock bag of 100. The vial capis designed for easy, one-handed removal with an exclusive silicone seal to ensure a positive seal at any temperature. Each tube has a white marking area for easy identification.

We are full-line distributors of all Simport disposable plasticware for laboratories. Listed below is a small sampling of what we offer. A complete listing of all Simport products is available using the following link: www.simport.com/products.html

Stock NoVolume StyleSize (mm)
T310-1A1.2 mlSelf-standing12.5 x 43
T310-22 mlRound bottom12.5 x 48
T310-2A2 mlSelf-standing12.5 x 49
T310-3A3 mlSelf-standing12.5 x 72
T310-4A4 mlSelf-standing12.5 x 78
T310-5A5 mlSelf-standing12.5 x 92
T310-10A10 mlSelf-standing17 x 84


Workstation Racks

This handy autoclavable rack is specially designed to hold up to 50 cryogenic (or, Cryovial®) tubes. Strong handles make it easy and safe to carry and it is supported by five anti-skid rubber feet. The rack is compact and stackable, available in four colors.

Size - 4" x 8" x 1" high (10cm x 20cm x 25mm high)

Stock NoColor

® CRYOVIAL is a registered trademark of Simport Plastics Ltd.