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Com-Pac 6 Infecon® 6000


Image of Com-Pac 6 Infecon® 6000 for Shipping Infectious Substances or Diagnostic Specimens that Must Stay Frozen or Refrigerated.

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Infecon® 6000

Infecon Speci-Freez®

This shipper is the perfect insulated container for shipping infectious substances or diagnostic specimens that must be kept frozen or refrigerated. The lightweight, yet extremely durable Infecon 6000 holds approximately 22 pounds of dry ice and keeps contents frozen for 76 hours. For added convenience, both Com-Pac’s Super Label for dry ice shipments and Super Label for infectious substance shipments on dry ice are included. This insulated shipper is also designed to stabilize the Infecon 2000, 2050, 3000, the Speci-Freez grid system and many other shippers.


  • Insulated cooler with outer box
  • INF-9850 IS/DI Super Label
  • INF-9860 DI Super Label
  • INF-9875 IS/DI Return Label which encourages return of the package for reuse

Stock No.CapacityQuantity per caseDimensions
INF-600022 pounds415.5” x 14” x 12.5”