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Com-Pac Infecon® 3000


Image of UN certified Com-Pac Infecon 3000 bags for shipping infectious substances.

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The number one choice for shipping infectious substances, the Infecon 3000 provides an easy-to-use, economical packaging system. The Infecon 3000 is U.N. certified and registered to meet all domestic and international requirements. The innovative design features a transparent secondary container which allows the contents to be viewed before opening it. Other special features include:

  • Meets IATA Packing Instruction 602 and all DOT and ICAO regulations
  • A liquid-tight 1-liter vessel independently tested to withstand up to 95 kpa pressure
  • Com-Pac’s unique quarter-turn, stop-lock lid which seals liquid tight
  • Foam insert designed to hold the vessel in place
  • Autoclavable pressure vessel for economical reuse
  • A compartmental bubble pouch which holds up to six vials
  • 50-ml capacity absorbent sheets
  • Mini Super Label which eliminates the need for individual labels
  • Shipper’s Declarations
  • Outer box complete with all required markings
  • Complete instructions for properly packing infectious substances for shipment

Stock No.CapacityQuantity per caseDimensions
INF-30001 Liter126” x 6” x 8”