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Com-Pac Bitran® Series PE Liquid Tight Specimen Bags


Image of Com-Pac Bitran Series PE Liquid Tight Specimen Bags for Short-term Handling and Storage

Designed for short-term handling and storage of specimens, these double track zipper bags are manufactured from durable 3 mil polyethylene that remains flexible when frozen. Patented manufacturing process eliminates leaks offering unprecedented safety. Transparent, airtight and easy to close. Appropriate for use as a primary container for most specimens. Odor will not penetrate - not intended for long-term storage.

Stock NoSize (Inches)Fluid Capacity
4752-PE3 x 6162 ml
4753-PE6 x 6585 ml
4754-PE7 x 81289 ml
4755-PE9 x 123281 ml
4756-PE12 x 125104 ml