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UN Packaging FAQ

Image of UN Packaging Products from Federal Industries

Can I purchase the UN packaging without the inner container (s)?

Yes, but your inner container must meet or exceed the specifications of the inner container sold and tested by Federal Industries.

Can I use the Exemption Packs for Toxic by Inhalation?

No, our Exemption does not include Toxic by Inhalation.

Can you use more than 1 inner container (keeping it under 32 oz) with the Glass Pack?

Yes – our Glass Pack is designed for glass bottles less than 32 oz.

Do we have to fill all of the required places in the multiple bottle/jug/can packs, or can a pack be shipped with fewer inner containers than it was designed for (i.e. instead of placing 5 separate bottles can we use it for 4 bottles)?

No, you may ship fewer inner containers than the maximum capacity of a pack as long as the open space will not cause the lesser number of inner containers to move around into any void space.

Do we have to use all components provided with each pack?

Yes, this is of paramount importance. The pack must be shipped as tested with all components in place. Nothing can ever be eliminated and no lesser product may be substituted. Noncompliance to this will void the certification.

Why do we have to use vermiculite in the 4GV Variation packs?

Vermiculite is an absorbent/cushioning material that is light in weight and allows for any size (within applicable limitations) and shape inner container/package. Furthermore, the 4GV packs were tested with grade 4 course vermiculite and must be used as tested with all components in place.

Are the 5 gallon overpacks UN rated?

No – the FOM-5G and FOM-5GX packs are “overpacks” as marked. They are only for protection of the U.N. approved container inside and are not part of a U.N. tested packaging.

Can you use any container in our packaging as long as it resembles what we show in our catalog?

Not necessarily. The inner container may look the same and have the same dimensions, but it also must meet or exceed the weight of the tested bottle, jug, etc.

Can a box manufactured in a previous year be used to ship hazardous materials in a year after the indicated date in the U.N. marking on the box?

Yes – a packaging manufactured prior to the re-test date may be used at any time to transport a hazardous material for which it is authorized. Non-bulk specification packagings do not “expire.” However, the shipper must determine that the packagings has been manufactured, assembled, and marked in accordance with the HMR (173.22).