Federal IndustriesA leader in UN package design and testing, Federal Industries produces CHEM-TRAN® and VISA-PAX™ shipping systems to safely carry hazardous chemicals throughout the world.http://www.chem-tran.com/images/federal-industries-logo.png1945763-476-1500800-523-9033

About Federal Industries

About Us

UN Shipping and UN Packaging Products from Federal Industries

Federal Industries Corporation sold its first brown box in 1945. Since its inception, we have provided innovative design and manufacturing of packaging products for industry. Beginning in 1987, we have established ourselves as a leader in UN package design and testing, developing a specialized line of packages to meet the rigid UN shipping standards. Today our CHEM-TRAN® and VISA-PAX™ shipping systems safely carry hazardous chemicals throughout the world.


The Federal Industries advantage:

  • Our boxes comply with all UN, DOT, IATA and ISTA regulations.
  • Our CHEM-TRAN® and VISA-PAX™ certified shipping systems have been
    specially designed to meet specific domestic and international shipping
    requirements for hazardous materials.
  • We have a proven track record of complying with all the regulations to protect
    shippers of hazardous materials as well as the environment with our quality UN
    Packaging materials.
  • Our UN certified packaging save on costly fines for improper shipping and provide
    for worry-free hazardous materials transportation.
  • We also have an experienced design team who can customize and certify a
    packing system to meet your specific shipping requirements.
  • We are well equipped to supply you with CHEM-TRAN® and VISA-PAX™ shipping
    system that may be either flat or pre-assembled.
  • We provide same-day shipping of our UN Packaging products with all required
    packing instructions and certification reports.

Federal Industries - Serving Industry for 70 Years… And Counting!